Habits That Can Change Our Life With Shivendra Misra

 Habit is the centre of everything in life,  Your success or failures depend on your habits.  If you are not presently experiencing that momentum that you need in life, there is a high chance you need to take a look at your habits or optimize them. Join us on this episode as we take a look at habits and the habit that can change our life.

Today Guest

Shivendra Misra is the author of Bend Reality, an avid meditator and self-help junkie. I write about meditation, spirituality, and mindfulness to help my readers not only live a happier life but also a more spiritually uplifting life.  Unlike other meditators or spiritually inclined people, my quest doesn’t only stop at meditation. I am interested in where we can get through meditation and how we can use it to not only live a happier life but also a more spiritually uplifting life.

You can find Shivendra at https://reinventyourself.biz

And also grab his book at https://reinventyourself.biz/bend-reality/

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