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Team Work Makes The Dream Work

If you want to know one of the significant keys to progress and success in life, Well, here it is, accountability.

If you have the right people in your sphere, there’s no limit to what you can make happen. Listen to this episode to find out how to deploy the power of accountability and watch the level of positive change you will experience.

Personal Growth ( The Greatest Gift You Can Ever Give Yourself)

Perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can ever give to yourself is to be on a  continuous personal growth path and never stop growing.

In this episode, I dive into why personal development is really important and how to turn learning into a hobby without feeling bored or overwhelmed.

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How to Deal With Bad Days And Unhappiness

Bad days cause unhappiness and make us unhealthy in every way. Some unexpected negative events can sap our energy or even cause shock that can lead to negative reactions in the body.

Listen to how you can deal with Bad days. If you find this episode helpful, please share and support the mission.

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Your Way Out Of Overthinking


We all know that feeling when we can’t stop our mind from spinning around thoughts. However, overthinking does more harm to our health than we can ever imagine.

First, it’s energy-draining; it elevates our stress level, reduces our creativity, and might prevent us from making better decisions. To sum it up, overthinking kills happiness.

Let’s take a look at few things that cause overthinking…

Fear:  We tend to overthink when we can’t stop being fearful of certain events occurring in our imagination.

Financial worries: Not enough money can lead us to overthink. We can spend hours drifting around the thought of survival if we don’t have money. Financial worries are sometimes inevitable, but we have to release that thought. We have survived enough already. We can survive more.

Peer pressure: we tend to overthink when we think others have gone higher than us, but it’s not about who is ahead! It’s about what you are made of! The hard lesson we are learning right now might be what we need to sustain success in the long run.

Lack of inner confidence and self-esteem: we might drift into negative thinking when we think we don’t have what it takes to succeed or not good enough! But the truth is, Sometimes people perceive us better than we thought of ourselves; most people even see us as role models and wish they can have what we have!

Lost of someone important to us: I have already drink a cup of losing my mom and dad; I can’t tell you it’s not easy, life feels more lonely, but instead of allowing such bitterness to rule my mind, I simply asked myself, if they have opportunity to tell me one or two things before they die, what would it be? It will obviously be, “Son moved forward and accomplish the thing we are unable to accomplish,” I can’t do that if I am still controlled by bitterness, you have to understand that everyone will taste this kind of cup someday! So don’t lose the fight! Go and engage in something to make them proud. 

Bad days! The thought of losing it, frustration, boredom, loneliness, all these are the agents of overthinking! But the question we have to ask is, is it worth it? Whenever a negative situation occurs, the question will be what positive action we can deploy to counter that situation. It’s important to know we must be willing to take responsibility.

One of the best sayings of Billy Gene that I love is, “everything is your fault.” 

Take responsibility for events that are happening right now. Rather than allowing your mind to drift into unnecessary thoughts, get into action, ask for help if you need some, talk to someone, take a walk or engage in some exercise to distract you from overthinking. Maybe enroll in a dancing class or hit the gym! Don’t stay idle, don’t relax; otherwise, we might sink into these thoughts, and before you know it, depression will come calling. 

Take charge and do what you have to do! Spend your time doing a meaningful thing, and if you don’t have anything to do? Meditate, listen to a motivational message or watch documentaries! You can also pick up a good book! 

Keep your mind healthy, give it instructions, and you will be amazed at the kind of momentum you will experience. 

Outsmarting Distraction

The number one enemy of achievement is distraction; If you are addicted to distraction, it will be difficult to find flow and creativity.

Listen to my conversation to learn how you can outsmart distraction by making few major changes. 


Why Mindset Is Everything (And How to Keep a Healthy Mind)

The mind is the center of life, Whatever control your mind control your life. So it’s important that we work on our minds to get us to that level of higher energy we want every single day. Join Cephas as he explores 3 keys to keeping a healthy mind.

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