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Discover The Tools Necessary To Make Your Life Extraordinary

Now You Can Get 2 Of My Best Selling Book For Just ₦1500! Plus Get A $197 (₦74,958) Mystery Bonus Free!

No tricks – no “trial” or anything… Just a bribe to get you join the community and grow with us.

From Cephas Tope, Founder and CEO of

Dear Friend, Congratulations on responding to this offer and being open-minded and progressive enough to look at little-known ways to improve your personal life and business substantially.

If you accept this offer, it will cost you exactly ₦1500.

That’s right.

A Thousand And Five Hundred. Big. Cash. Naira.

That’s the “bad news…”

Now for the good news…

In exchange for this minuscule investment, I am going to give you the greatest gift I could ever give a business owner or someone obsessed with overcoming obstacles, achieve success, and create a meaningful, fulfilling life.

It’s my “treasure vault,” a personal library of systems, mantras, tools, and routines to help spark growth in your personal life and business.

And I am going to let you have them. ALL OF THEM.

…For just ₦1500.

I will tell you why in a bit, but first I have a question for you…

Are you Just Winging it?

Improvising?Are you practicing “hope and luck” kind of thing?Or do you have a clear-cut plan to achieve your goals?If you’re winging it, don’t feel bad… you’re not alone.

If you ever worry about the fear of failure or not achieving your dreams, you need to get your hand on each of these books.

Jim Rohn, One of the noblest speakers, said: Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. That’s true in the corporate jungle; it is doubly true in the personal development jungle! 

Right this minute, someone is looking up to you. Your success in life matters much to their growth and progress.

Giving up or not achieving your dreams would mean the people you love and care about the most can’t have the life they deserved from you.

Right before I lost my mom, She has been the greatest motivation behind my reason for wanting the extraordinary life; I’d also want to make an impact in the marketplace and help thousands of hungry kids out there. (Some of them do knock at your gate every once in a while.)

So it makes sense enough to want to stay disciplined and strive toward maximum achievement every single day.

The Result?

 I can earn enough money to get rid of financial worries, take care of my mom (she passed), and impact my community and the marketplace.

Let me be upfront with you right here by saying, “The amount of money you will earn is equal to the amount of value you create in the marketplace). If you want to make enough money, you need to solve problems and create more value either in your job or marketplace.

YOU can’t shrug that off.

 Want to start creating value in your community and marketplace?

The secrets to making all that happen for you and much more lies in these two books. The truth is, we all want to improve, but most of us don’t have a clue where or how to begging. My book bundle contains concrete easy-to-use tools to break through that barrier and create the exact results you desire.Each of these books is a no BS guide to uncover what you truly want and how to achieve it.Best of all, it happens in the next few minutes (with your permission)—no extra time. You can get access to the two books and the mystery bonus right away. Plus, there’s free support help available if you need it… by emailing our customer support line.Don’t allow yourself to be anything else than extraordinary, and you can make that happen by saying yes to this risk-free opportunity and begin your journey today.

Here’s Everything You’re getting For Just Nine Dollar:

Book #1: The Road Map to Your Extraordinary Life

I believe one of the keys to success in life and and business is a plan, a big plan.

You’ve got to know where you are going. You need a map. You wouldn’t travel cross country without a map. or embark on a building project without a plan or guide to follow.

You monitor your progress with a map, and if you stray off course you use the map to bring you back on track.

The Road Map to Your Extraordinary Life challenges your existing beliefs and self-imposed limitations―forcing you to re-imagine, reinvent, and unlock your hidden potential to achieve and exceed your goals systematically.

Each chapter of the book ends with key takeaways and exercises to help you apply what you learned. If you would like to achieve long-term success, this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

Book #2: 15 Minutes Morning

Inside the 15 min, mornings are routines that can help you up your game. You will learn how to 10x your productivity by learning how to focus on one single thing every morning, and it only takes 15 min.Champions get their work done early, and by going through this book, you will learn how to adopt the same formula. Inside these pages lies six powerful routines to recognizing the full potential of your life. Wanna know how Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, and Jim Rohn start their day? This book will show you and much more.

You will learn how to attain a more productive and more fulfilling life than you ever thought possible.

$197 (₦74,958) Mystery Bonus

Even though this offer is already ridiculous, I wanted to make it even better by giving you an amazing secret bonus. 

I won’t tell you what it is, but I will tell you this:

*people paid over $197 (₦74,958) for it. 

*It’s not available anywhere …at any price.

*You’d learn about how to make great things happen in your life and business.

*You get instant access to it as soon as you accept this offer …and once you see it, you’ll be delighted beyond words!

You get all for just ₦1500.

That’s it.

Your total investment for this offer is just ₦1500.

It may come as a surprise, but I do have a sneaky, ulterior motive for making this offer.

As you have probably already guessed, I’m not getting rich by giving away my treasure vault for just #1500.

My sincere hope is you’ll love it, become a part of the community and grow together with us.

If you do, GREAT!

If not, that’s okay too.

However, if you are not absolutely bowled over by what you discover in this package, I insist on buying it back at a full price. Therefore… I’m offering you a…

30 Days “You Have My Word” 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Here’s how it works: Order the book bundle and download the eBook series, and don’t forget the mystery bonus. Take up to 30 days to review everything… The vast amount of business ideas, experiences, strategies and insider success secretes I’ve described here… and more. Then If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, just ask  for your money back. We’ll promptly return every dime you invested. No hassles, and no question asked. That’s as fair as I can be. This package either lives up to what I have told you here or it’s free. And you have my word.

30 Days


Still on the fence? Here’s what readers are saying?

Listen – you really ARE getting all of this for just ₦1500.

No tricks – no “trial” or anything… Just a bribe to get you join the community and grow with us.

So claim this offer while you can!

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